Hotel and Kitchen Uniforms

Hotel and Kitchen Uniforms

Uniforms play a very important role in the daily work routine of chefs and other employees who work in kitchens. A uniform gives workers a professional appearance that ensures that guests have confidence in them. Their white uniforms make them look clean so that there will be no concerns about the food they are preparing. And of course, these uniforms will keep the clothing the worker is wearing underneath from getting dirty with food stains.

But kitchen uniforms are not just designed to look good, they also serve a protective function. For instance, since kitchen workers are always around fire, having aprons made with material that has fire retardant properties can help keep them safe.

In addition, maintaining good hygiene when you are preparing food is essential. Chef hats and caps, along with hairnets, keeps hair from getting into food as well as keeping sweat away from their face while they are working. Finally, kitchen uniforms should be comfortable so that you can work without difficulty while wearing them for hours.

Core Uniform provides the full range of high quality kitchen uniforms. Apart from aprons and caps, we also offer jackets, trousers and even shoes. Our uniforms are made with spun poly to ensure that they are comfortable to wear in addition to providing protection against fire. Spun poly also does not need to be ironed and does not shrink. Although kitchen uniforms are traditionally white to denote cleanliness, we also offer our kitchen uniforms in darker colors since these do not show stains.

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